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Established in October 1979, we are one of the prominent Manufacturers, Dealer, Exporter, and Supplier of superior-quality specialized in Sulphur & Chlorine Derivatives. We are the largest Manufacturer of Sulfuryl Chloride in India. Equipped with the best R & D and marketing team on an all India basis, we became main Suppliers of Sulfuryl Chloride in Mumbai (Maharashtra), Valsad, Ahmedabad, Ankleshwar (Gujarat) where we have witnessed excellent scope and opportunity all over India. Right since our inception we have been very clear that we would work only for specialized products manufactured by our distributors. We are also maintaining the old products of our agencies. They find extensive usage in heat treatments salts, caustic Chlorine, soap manufacturers, leather industries and various other industries. Our ethic-oriented approach to business has stood us in good stead in the market. We have been highly acclaimed as a force to reckon with. Our growth rate since our inception has been steady and we intend on continuing the same. Our team of experts is committed to achieving client satisfaction. They are qualified and experienced in their respective domains of operation that helps our experts to market with latest technology used.


Sulfuryl Chloride Manufacturers in India

Under the direction of our expert team are Sulfuryl Chloride Manufacturer in India that are used as a great source of chlorine. It has various applications in different industry like to make pesticides and also helps in preventing shrinkage of wool, pharmaceuticals and the Sulfuryl chloride is widely known in market because of its accurate composition, longer shelf life, high purity and at affordable price.

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We are the main Supplier of Sulfuryl Chloride in Gujarat and dealing with large assortment of Sulphuric Acid, oleum, Liquid SO3, liquid SO2, Chlorosulphonic Acid, Thionyl Chloride, sulphuryl chloride and other formulated product to meet the client's equipment. We have our clients in small and large-scale industries such as pharmaceuticals, surface coating, paints and resins etc. We supply a quality product and ensure timely delivery and provide at a competitive rates.


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What is Sulfuryl Chloride?

Sulfuryl chloride is made by reacting sulfur dioxide and chlorine. The reaction is generally done without a solvent. Activated carbon is used as a catalyst, though UV light can speed up the reaction. It can also be prepared by reacting disulfur dichloride with Sulfur Dioxide, at 170 °C. It is used in producing pesticides and to treat wool to prevent shrinking. Sulfuryl chloride is produced in a closed loop by reaction of sulfur dioxide and chlorine in the presence of activated carbon. The scientific formula for Sulfuryl Chloride is SO2Cl2. On prolonged storage, sulphuryl chloride decomposes partly into the starting substances namely sulphur dioxide and chlorine. The container of sulphuryl chloride bloats on long storage and bumps appear on the outer side of HDPE/ plastic containers. In air, sulphryl chloride is affected by air humidity leading to hydrolysis products viz. hydrochloric acid and sulphuric acid. Sulphuryl Chloride is a basic chemical used industrially as chlorinating or sulphonating agent for manufacturing intermediates further used for the manufacture of crop protecting agents, active pharmaceutical ingredients, biocides, fine chemicals, etc.

Exporter of Sulfuryl Chloride in India

What is the Chemical formula of Sulfuryl Chloride?

The chemical formula for Sulfuryl Chloride is:-SO2Cl2.

What is the name of SO2CI2?

The name of SO2CI2 is sulphate chlorine that has elements is as below SO2 =Sulphate    CL2 = Chlorine

What is the color of Sulfuryl Chloride?

We are a promising Sulfuryl Chloride Manufacturers in India that has no color to light yellow heavy comes in liquid form with a strong and pungent odor or aroma. It is toxic when inhaled and corrosive to metals and tissues.


Exporter of Sulfuryl Chloride in India

We are the exporter of Sulfuryl Chloride in India the key raw material used are Sulphur, Chlorine and Hydrochloric Acid to meet the client’s requirement. Our Sulfuryl Chloride come in assured purity and is packed in a composite drums when to deliver to the client. It comes with the budget of the client.

Exporter of Sulfuryl Chloride in India

What is the boiling point of Sulfuryl Chloride?

The following is the boiling point, CAS Number, Melting Point, Related Sulfuryl fluoride and features as stated below:- 

Boiling point: 69.4 °C (156.9 °F; 342.5 K)
CAS Number: 7791-25-5
Melting point: −54.1 °C (−65.4 °F; 219.1 K)
Related Sulfuryl halides: Sulfuryl fluoride

Sulfuryl Chloride Reaction with Water

Sulfuryl chloride reacts with water and it releases hydrogen chloride gas and sulfuric acid: 2 H2O + SO2Cl2 → 2 HCl + H2SO. SO2Cl2 will also decompose when heated to or above 100 °C, about 30 °C above its boiling point. The features are as below:-

Solubility in water: hydrolyzes
Related Sulfuryl halides: Sulfuryl fluoride
Boiling point: 69.4 °C (156.9 °F; 342.5 K)
Solubility: miscible with benzene, toluene, and chlorine

What kind of bond is Sulfuryl Chloride?

Sulfur has access to a +6 oxidation state when it is in compounds with strongly electronegative elements. There are a number of ways that you can model bonding in this compound; the simplest is just to throw out the word “hyper valence!” and note that, since sulfur has six valence electrons, it can form a total of six bonds in a neutral compound. One can also model this as having two S-O semi polar bonds, with formal positive charges on sulfur and formal negative charges on oxygen. It can be weeds of (discredited) hybridization theory, and claim that sulfur can do this because it has d-orbital. However, that’s not required for hyper valence; even nitrogen can accommodate “five bonds” in nitric acid.

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