Thionyl Chloride Manufacturers

Thionyl Chloride Supplier in Ahmedabad

We are prominent Manufacturer of Thionyl Chloride that provides the best solution to the application of various industries like pharmaceutical, Agrochemicals, food and the like. We are also the Supplier of Thionyl Chloride in Ahmedabad that is produces in using the latest technology to meet the client's requirement. We are Thionyl chloride supplier that  is preferred for preparing alkyl chlorides from alcohols because the by-products formed in the reaction are SO2 and HCl which are in gaseous form and escape into the atmosphere leaving behind pure alkyl chlorides. Also we are SOCl2 Exporter that is primarily used as a chlorinating reagent. We are the leading Thionyl Chloride Manufacturer in Gujarat since the purification process is minimized and the alkyl halide obtained can be easily purified.